Joyce Millen (Lead Analyst) - HSG|CodeBlue

"It is a pleasure to work with Shawn Waller at HSG|CodeBlue. He has a great attitude and goes above and beyond to help in any area he can. I can depend on Shawn to provide prompt and dependable service whenever I have an IT need in his area of expertise. I have called on him as a resource for technical help on numerous occasions. Shawn built our entire SharePoint site and it’s made our company tracking and communication much better. I appreciate that he put a lot of thought and creative effort in building areas in SharePoint that would provide the most effective use in workflow efficiency for all departments. I also worked closely with Shawn during our company SOC audit and he provided invaluable feedback for tracking which helped us pass the audit with hardly any issues. Shawn won the 2013 Innovator award at our company due to his skill and enthusiasm for implementing this site as well as other automations. He has added a lot of value to our company. Shawn is a professional with a lot of experience and creative talent. I’m confident recommending his services to anyone in need of his technical expertise."

Al Shannon - Maverick Media

"When we set out to construct a web site for 99.9 The Carp, we were very concerned that the site would fall short of the edgy attitude that our radio station was all about. We had browsed a number of other rock station web sites and couldn't really find an example of what we wanted to be. We sat down with Shawn hoping to give him a vague understanding of what we were looking for, thinking this would be a work in progress for a long time anyway. Well, we were wrong. He captured the essence of the station on the first try. We were so happy with it, we kept the look for four years! Shawn will always be my first resource when it comes to anything internet."

Cynthia Pulver - Foreign 5

"Foreign 5 of Chippewa Falls started working with Shawn Waller on a design of a new web site in May of 2005. Prior to working with Shawn, we were very challenged on developing a web site that would integrate our three very different businesses. Shawn came up with various ideas for us to work with and assisted us in a the creation a web site blended the businesses very nicely. Shawn was very responsive when we needed text or photo changes. He is a very experienced and talented professional that I would highly recommend."

Ardith Story - Eau Claire Realty

"I have had the pleasure of working with Shawn Waller through Eau Claire Press Company as an ongoing contact for the maintenance, repairs, and updates to our web site at Eau Claire Realty, Inc. for the past year. Shawn has been an intelligent, capable, and personable person who possesses the skills and aptitude to diagnose problems and devise viable solutions. His interpersonal and communicative skills have allowed him to develop a very productive working relationship with me at Eau Claire Realty, Inc. I feel confident in recommending Shawn and in saying that he is quite capable of handling any development and maintenance of a web site for any one person or business."